Beach Stones

Beach Stones
Beach Stones

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“Choosing a stone is a mark-making act, a small bit of artistry in collaboration with nature.”  - JLI

People love stones; their weight, texture, and shape feel wonderful in the hand.  They remember exactly where a beach stone is from and when it was found.

“The beach stone is comforting. It doesn’t age, die, or fade away. We perceive them as paragons of permanence and immutability. But in fact the timelessness of stones is merely an illusion born of our own fleeting presence on Earth. Their features are a testament to impermanence, a witness to change.”  - MC

So Margaret Carruthers instructs us in the geologic time scale and intricacies of a beach stone’s coming to be. The visual portraits of each stone and the artful groupings are tantamount to having a collection there in your lap.

Abrams Books, 2006 - text by Margaret Carruthers


From the book: