Loving Blind & Seeing Red

Loving Blind/Seeing Red: A Mother’s Decade

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photographs and text by Josie Iselin

This is a book about seeing. It started when the daily sabotage that is the parenting business – the bizarre extremes of emotion that life with young children is full of – found a visual voice in the pairing of a flattened glove with a piece of toast. It started ten years ago and continues today and will continue.

My natural inclination was to pair objects from around the house that acknowledged, in a playful way, the contradictions and ridiculousness I was encountering daily. The book itself is based on these contradictions. There is, of course, the black vs. white. There is also the cool, universal tone of the images offset by the personal voice of the anecdotes. The contrasts go on. You will feel them for yourself. Mothers and fathers are pulled in so many different directions, with so many voices saying, “do it this way” or “do it that way” that simple acknowledgement of the perpetual tug-of-war goes a long way.

…JLI 2004

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